Hello and welcome to my crazy life.  


I am a mother of two amazing little boys and one Sweet and Sassy little girl  -  wife of 10 years to my wonderful husband Dan and a photographer for over 16+ years.  I come from a family of 6 - 2 sisters and a brother and 2 amazing parents who have always showed us more love than I knew possible.  I grew up in a 3 bedroom - one bathroom house.   What Im saying is - FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!!!   We are close and know probably way too much about each other but we are best friends and I try every day to make my family just as close as we are.   When I do family photos for you - I capture not just subjects in a room but I capture what family really is.   


I love every aspect of photography but specialize in Newborn - Child - and family.


Capturing real life - crazy - candid- moments is my mission and I promise you - I will work my butt off to capture your family as it is right now!!  Patience is my super power!!  Trust me.    Bring me all your crazy kids and I will capture them perfectly!  :)   



The laughter - funny faces - cry faces - tantrums - snuggles - whatever our session brings - you will be able to relive it through the pictures I capture for years to come.   Every day is a great day for pictures - so lets make that day today!!